Dining Plans: How to Decide?


One of the common questions we hear about the dining plan is: How do I know if it’s right for my family? The Dining Plan can provide value to your Disney vacation and prove to be convenience saver if used properly. There are several considerations you should first understand such as, the difference within the plans, how it works, and your dining and location choices. Based on the needs of your family and budget there are three different plan options to choose. The Quick-Service Dining Plan gives you 2 quick-service entitlements & 1 snack entitlement per person, per night of your stay. The Disney Dining Plan gives you 1 table and 1 quick-service & 1 snack entitlement. The Deluxe Plan offers 3-table service and 2 snack entitlements and is the most expensive of the plans. You can only purchase a dining plan if you book a Disney vacation package (staying at a Disney Resort and park tickets purchased).

Next, consider your family’s eating habits and whether you plan on eating most meals at the Parks. Helpful hint: Before deciding if a plan works for you take some time to look at menu prices compared to what you would order. For example, the Deluxe Plan comes with 3 table-service meals per day and 2 snacks. A table service usually includes an appetizer, entrée, dessert and beverage. That can be a lot of food depending on your family. Here’s where the Disney Dining Plan may be a better option especially if you are thinking about dinner shows. These shows are entertaining and can be expensive if paying but otherwise can be a good value if you are using entitlements from our plan.

Overall, your family’s habits and budget should be the main considerations when deciding is the Dining Plan is right for you!!

Dining Plans are accepted at most Walt Disney World Dining Locations. However, there are exceptions. Please Check the resources below to view all of the Quick Service, Table Service and Snack locations that accept Dining Plans.





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